Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mimi's Cafe Corporate Troubles

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As soon as Mimi's Cafe went corporate, the restaurant started to go downhill. While they are still a profitable business, customers and employees alike are starting to complain about the food and the way that the restaurant is run. It is unfortunate to see a nice restaurant such as Mimi's to fall victim to Corporate America. While the owners of the company enjoy increased profits, the
employees(hosts, servers, cooks, etc.) continue to lose out on more
and more benefits and perks that they previously enjoyed, such as employee dining discounts. The customers at the restaurant are suffering as well, as a result of the corporate buyout. The quality of food that Mimi's Cafe uses is not the same as it used to be. They have switched many products in order to save money at every corner. Their lemonade, their fresh graded cheese, their salsa, and many other items have changed for the worse in order to save money. While the food at Mimi's continues to be mediocre at best, it is becoming harder and harder to enjoy any dining experience at Mimi's given these poor changes in management and quality.

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Trigger said...

I agree fully. I used to be an employee at Mimi's Cafe and it's unfortunate to say but the 'behind the scenes' area is very harsh.

The Bussers and Prep-food workers are some of the most under appreciated and over-worked of the entire staff. The Dish-washer doubles as a Prep-cook in order for them not to have to hire another person. Excess work is piled on top of them. Meanwhile the Bussers are running circles trying to make sure various things are stocked for the Servers and Management (running to get miscellaneous items that are sometimes not even required) and then double-timing it in order to clean and reset tables for customers while management complains for the speed in which everything's getting done.

Let alone the fact that on a normal weekday they only had one Busser working the morning/afternoon shift and one to relieve the afternoon shift to close.

Even servers were complaining that everything's being based more around Speed and not enough around allowing the customer to enjoy their meal as well as the ambiance of the store.

The corporation definitely made Mimi's Cafe a non-enjoyable experience all around.